What They Didn

What They Didn't Teach You in Spanish Class: Slang Phrases for the Cafe, Club, Bar, Bedroom, Ball Game and More (What They Didn't Teach You in Class)

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Publisher : Ulysses Press
ISBN : 1612436757
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Apr, 24 2018

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Chilling with an ice-cold cerveza at a beach bar...
Dancing at CDMX’s hottest salsa club...
Screaming your head off at the Copa América...

Drop the textbook formality and chat with the locals in Latin America’s everyday language.

• What’s up? ¿Qué tal?
• What a hottie! ¡Que cuerazo!
• Let’s pound these shots. Tráguemonos estos traguitos.
• That ref sucks. Es una mierda ese árbitro/a.
• I’m craving all-you-can-eat tacos. Me antoja un poco de taquiza libre.
• Do you wanna hook up? ¿Quieres ligar?