The CFO's Guide to Good Corporate Governance

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Publisher : Archie House Publications
ISBN : 099202840X
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Apr, 24 2018

Product Description

The CFO’s Guide to Good Corporate Governance summarizes over fifteen years of learning from the author's work as an auditor, a Controller and a Chief Financial Officer. A company that lacks good corporate governance is prone to poor decision making, blown budgets and a frequently changing business strategy. A company that has good corporate governance will be a well run company that consistently makes rational decisions. Making a few good decisions and avoiding a few bad decisions translate to enhanced shareholder returns. The book contains many easy to implement corporate governance best practices aimed at putting in place a framework to improve any business. The goal is a clearly articulated business strategy, and a fully engaged management team and Board of Directors. Topics covered in the book include: The Role of the Chief Financial Officer Corporate Governance basics and best practices How to document and develop a robust set of internal controls Budgeting and project economics Tips for managing auditors and preparing materials for an audit Running effective Audit Committee meetings Getting the most out of your Board of Directors meetings The biggest misconception of corporate governance is it is something reserved for “big companies”. The author often works with clients who are familiar with the concepts discussed in the book, but never thought to implement basic good practices into their small company. This book contains many simple solutions that will work for companies of any size. Good corporate governance is not a bunch of red tape that prevents individuals from doing their job. When implemented properly, corporate governance is barely noticeable.