Geography from A to Z: A Picture Glossary (Trophy Picture Books (Paperback))

Geography from A to Z: A Picture Glossary (Trophy Picture Books (Paperback))

Ratings : 4/5 from 1438 reviews
Publisher : HarperCollins
ISBN : 0064460991
Release Date : Aug, 02 1997

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Apr, 24 2018

Product Description

This picture glossary is the perfect book to help young kids begin to learn about Earth’s geography! From A (as in archipelago) to Z (as in zone), it features over sixty clear and concise definitions with beautiful full-color illustrations and maps.

Have you ever wondered what a badland is? What about a gulch? Do you know what an isthmus is? Or a seamount? What about the difference between a plateau and a plain, or a knob and a knoll? Well look no further. This broad introduction to the fascinating world around us explores our planet’s physical features from the highest mountain peak to the deepest ocean trench. The team behind Maps & Globes proves that geography can indeed be an adventure.

This picture glossary, filled with accessible information to help children better understand geography and the environment, was praised by Kirkus as “an attractive introduction to geography’s rich vocabulary.”